Fighting against scammers and spammers on your website

If you own a website then you have more than likely had to deal with scammers or spammers on more than one occasion. Spammers and scammers not only give you a lot more work to do filtering out their junk but also devaluate your site. Spammers, scammers and hackers can take away your hard work, lose your search engine ranking or even own your site without you knowing a thing about it! Recently a java tracking code was injected into thousands of sites worldwide and was unnoticed by most webmasters. This code was placed into the index and login files and gave the hacker access to usernames and passwords plus the ability to gain access to restricted areas of the sites attacked. Some main files were left half deleted creating a backlog of work for the webmaster to repair.

Everyday scammers try to scam consumers worldwide into parting with their hard earned cash, these scammers use your websites for their corruption. An example of this is the "puppy scam". The scammer was advertising pedigree puppies free for a good home. The buyer was asked to send the flight money for their puppy. Of course there are no pedigree puppies free for a good home, but many people sent cash and never got their puppy! This scam was found on some very popular classifieds sites around the world. Scams like this create an uncertainty about the site being used for the scam, putting people off using your site. If one person is scammed, word gets around fast on the net and soon you see your traffic drop, sales gone and bad feedback, because of one scam!

What this site is about is fighting back against spammers and scammers. People who don't follow the rules set by you on your websites that have taken you a lot of hard work to put together. People who use your sites for illegal purposes or hackers trying to devaluate your site and the hours of hard work you have put in getting it to the top only to watch it fall out of search engines. We want a place where you can share your bad experiences with other webmasters from all over the world. The Scam List will expose hackers, spammers and scammers, bad IP addresses, bad email addresses and generally everything that is bad on the world wide web. All of this information will be open to the general public which will hopefully give hackers, scammers and spammers second thoughts about using any website displaying our badge for illegal use.

The Scam List is a basic and easy to use forum with no frills, just plain and simple to help webmasters from all over the world converse and become aware of the latest scams, spams or hacks. Hopefully we can all do our bit to help each other make our websites safe, secure and most importantly give your website users the feeling of security when using your site.

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